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Hazelnut-Corylus avellana cashmiriana seeds for sale
Services >> Miscellaneous | Jammu & Kashmir»Pulwama | 27-Sep-2010
Growing hazelnuts from a seed is quite easily done, unless you live in a climate where it is freezing all the time. The key to good hazel tree growth is choosing a variety of the species that will grow well in your climate.

Kashmirian  hazels, for example, are susceptible to blight in Indian climes, so if you are growing there, you might want to choose an hazelnut  species instead. No matter where you plant them, hazelnut seeds (which are actually nuts, and are also called filberts) should be planted in autumn. Start them in containers outdoors.

Place your hazelnuts into a container of water so they are covered completely. Add enough water so that they can float. Seeds that float are not good, so remove those and save the ones that sink.

1. Pour the hazelnuts into a plastic bag. Add an equal amount of sand and enough water to just slightly moisten the mixture. Close the bag and place it in the back of your vegetable drawer in your refrigerator.

2. Allow the nuts to go through a stratification period where the several weeks of cold will break the hibernation of the germination process. Check periodically for mold and remove any bad nuts. If you store the nuts in late October or early November, they can be stored for about 12 weeks and be ready for sprouting in February.

3. Plant the nuts in six-inch pots filled with potting soil. Make a one-inch-deep hole with the back of a pencil or your finger and place the nut in it. Cover with soil. Water it and place the pot in a warm and sunny window,
keeping the soil moist.

4. Watch for the first signs of growth and then begin watering a little less, allowing the soil to dry between waterings. This will force the roots down into the bottom of the pot. Turn the pot a quarter of a turn every couple of days to keep it from leaning in one direction.

5. Transplant the seedling outside to a sunny spot after the outside temperatures have warmed to about 60 degrees during the day and above freezing at night. Make sure it stays watered during the first year especially. The plants should fruit within three to five years.

Hazel seeds now available at:
Qty: 50,100,200 seeds/pkt
Chenab Industries
POB: 667 GPO Srinagar SGR JK 190001

Ph: 01933-223705
Mob: 09858986794

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Hazelnut-Corylus avellana cashmiriana seeds for sale

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