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Importance of Vastu Elements or Panchamahabhutas By Geeta Subramanium
Parent | Delhi & NCR»Delhi | 13-Jan-2018

Vastu explains the arrangement of the five elements of nature:  Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Space. These are known as the Panchamahabhutas.

These five elements should not only be present in any building, but should also be in harmony with each other.

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 Vastu Tips And Remedial Vastu Tips By Geeta Subramanium [2 months ago]
Vastu remedies do not always require breakage and reconstruction of the premises. Often all that is required is a relocation of furniture, colour management, bringing in light and the use of crystals, pyramids, mirrors, bells and very importantly, water.
 Five Elements of Vastu ShastraImportance Of Directions In Vastu and Vastu Directions [3 months ago]
Importance Of Directions In Vastu - Vastu is the science of orientation of directions. There are 16 different directions each direction having a different impact on the human body. There are 3 categories of directions: Cardinal directions, Diagonal directions, Sub - Diagonal direction...
 Vastu ElementsThe Vastu Practice - Vastu Consultant in New Delhi [4 months ago]
Geeta Subramanium is a historian by training. During the course of her studies and research she discovered the ancient Indian science of Vastu. It is an invaluable treasure given to us by our venerable sages. They made a deep study of the different aspects of nature and discovered a clear link ...
Expert Vastu Tips for Bedroom [8 months ago]
Vastu Shastra Tips on where to locate your bedroom in your home. Get Expert tips on location of your bedroom to have a sound mind by geeta subramanium. For more details Visit is on
 SpaceVastu For Hospital And Nursing Home By Geeta Subramanium [2 months ago]
Hospitals and Nursing Homes that are built according to Vastu principles lead to better success rate of healing of patients leading to greater popularity of the doctors and the hospital.
 FireVastu For Educational Institutions by Geeta Subramanium [2 months ago]
Educational institutions are thefoundation of a nation. It is important that such institutions are built with due consideration to Vastu principles to ensure dynamic and consistent growth of a nation.
Vastu for Plots and Vastu Tips for Plot shape by Geeta Subramanium [3 months ago]
The location and shape of the plot is the most important part of the building process because it what determines the nature of the synergy between the owner and the cosmos
 WaterVastu Tips For Marriage Problems By Geeta Subramanium [2 months ago]
Vastu Tips For Marriage Problems, The positive energy created in a home built according to Vastu principles leads to a happy marriage and stable family relationships.
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